‘Rebellious by nature, pure at heart' - The Times of India

'John Siddique's poetry takes the reader on a journey, crossing the border country between love and loss. Interested in exploring opposite worlds and seeming contradictions; sometimes steamy, often moving, his poetry is a brilliant balancing act.’ - Jackie Kay

'A stellar British poet' - The Spectator
'A poet full of surprises and racing energy' - The Rialto
'One of the best poets of our generation'- Bina Shah


'Midnight Feasts'
My children's poem Unexpected Guests will appear in this beautiful anthology from Bloomsbury in the Autumn of 2019.​

How Writing Changes The Writer - A Royal Literary Fund Podcast
In this short recording I explore how writing has changed this writer across the span of his life, in many ways taking him to a place of greater authenticity and meaning.


BBC Radio 3 - The Essay ' The Culture of Partition'

My essay for BBC Radio 3 ‘The Culture of Partition,’ aired recently, and is available on BBC iPlayer. It is also available as a download, so that you might listen to it anywhere you wish.

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