‘Rebellious by nature, pure at heart' - The Times of India

'John Siddique's poetry takes the reader on a journey, crossing the border country between love and loss. Interested in exploring opposite worlds and seeming contradictions; sometimes steamy, often moving, his poetry is a brilliant balancing act.’ - Jackie Kay

'A stellar British poet' - The Spectator
'A poet full of surprises and racing energy' - The Rialto
'One of the best poets of our generation'- Bina Shah


Two poems The Years Ahead Are Heavy, and Last Skies of The Year appear in the December 2017 issue of Wasifiri, One of the foremost magazine of international writing. I'm deeply happy to publish these two poems with them which I feel are some of my best recent writings.


'EAT THESE POEMS' - A Bloomsbury Poetry Anthology All About Food
My poem Unexpected Guests will appear in this collection from Bloomsbury in the Autumn of 2018.

How Writing Changes The Writer - A Royal Literary Fund Podcast
In this short recording I explore how writing has changed this writer across the span of his life, in many ways taking him to a place of greater authenticity and meaning.


BBC Radio 3 - The Essay ' The Culture of Partition'

My essay for BBC Radio 3 ‘The Culture of Partition,’ aired recently, and is available on BBC iPlayer. It is also available as a download, so that you might listen to it anywhere you wish.


The Aleph Review

Two new prose poems appear in the inaugral issue of The Aleph review: All I Want To Do Is To Sing The Names Of God, and In The Footsteps Of Myself #1. The Aleph is published by Broken Leg Publications and is a truly beautiful volume akin to The Paris Review, and to Granta. I hope it goes well as it establishes itself.

Appearances, Readings and Events

Currently being human, meeting life in the heart, and writing things down that are true and beautiful.