Bold as love... Each word is to be savoured like a sip of forbidden wine.'

Full Blood

Full Blood is John Siddique's fourth full-length collection of poems for adults. Erotic, physical, completely open and fully engaged with the moral urgency of life, Siddique tackles his themes robustly and yet with great sensitivity, constantly defining and reimagining what it is to be a man in today's world, living fully in the moment.

‘John Siddique's new collection takes the reader down the street and round the world. This is a brave and a bold book of linked poems whose subjects range widely from love to hate, from war to peace, from childhood to adulthood, from the real world to the world of myth. Siddique is interested in everything. Tender and open-hearted, these poems are full of wonder at the power of love. Dreamy and yet direct, this is Siddique's most powerful collection yet.’

Jackie Kay


'Technically virtuosic yet direct and sensual'

The Times Higher Educational

'Bold as love... Each word is to be savoured like a sip of forbidden wine.'

Bina Shah - Author of Slum Child

‘In this beautiful new collection John Siddique seduces the reader with his life-affirming reflections on our mortality and a profoundly moving poetic interplay of tenderness, love and eroticism.’

Dr. Claire Chambers



Imagine thirst without knowing water.

And you ask me what freedom means.

Imagine love without love.

Some things are unthinkable,

until one day the unthinkable is here.

Imagine thirst without knowing water.

Some things we assume just are as they are,

no action is taken to make or sustain them.

Imagine love without love.

It is fear that eats the heart: fear and

endless talk, and not risking a step.

Imagine thirst without knowing water.

Fold away your beautiful thoughts.

Talk away curiosity, chatter away truth.

Imagine love without love.

Imagine believing in the whispers,

the screams and the gossip. Dancing to a tune

with no song to sing inside you.

Imagine love without love.


© John Siddique 2011