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This anthology, edited by John Siddique, brings together thirteen talented poets from the Commonword stable. Witty and brutal observations of rogue therapists and unhealthy relationships are interspersed with love poems and spiritual contemplation. What these poets share is the ability to articulate emotions in language you can taste long after you’ve finished reading.

Transparency features the work of: Suzanne Batty, Steve O’Connor, Jackie Hagan, Almira Holmes, Sonia Hughes, Hannah Kate, Olga Kenyon, Segun Lee-French, Rosie Lugosi, Martin De Mello, John Siddique, Alan Spencer and Jan Whalen.


A Reader's/Reading Group Guide for Full Blood

A Reader's/ReadingGroup Guide for Recital - An Almanac

Six Snapshots of Partition (Granta)
A memoir/essay on the Partition of India, the nature of memory
and my father's journey after the events of 1947.

On Being Seen
A short essay on modern sensuality, beauty & being photographed 
as a male muse, the artist's eye , and the literary life.

An essay on Joyce's Ulysses and its place in my life (NormBlog)

Always Returning
An essay to accompany the story/memoir collection Four Fathers. (Route)

Two poems from Full Blood at Peony Moon

Poetry from a commission for Manchester Literature Festival/Art Gallery, 
based on Exporting Beauty - Pilkington's Lancastrian Pottery Exhibition.

Other People's Children from Recital in Spanish (Cicloliterario)

Five poems from The Prize & a profile of my work at Poetry International

Three poems from The Prize, plus a poem from Transparency, 
and one piece which went on to be in Recital PFS Post

Babylon Burning a free PDF of post 9/11 Poetry

Two more poems on PFS Post (not for young readers!)